Physics Engine


Overview: At this point (late high school) I turned my attention to a long-time goal of mine - developing a physics engine based on the work of Giovanni Tummarello. I had been making attempts at this for years but actually ran into the same bug every time I rewrote the engine, delaying development for at least a couple of years. (This made it the single worst bug I have ever known. I did finally get it.)

Tummarello's system allowed one to simulate deformable objects that could bend and break, which was a huge departure from most other physics engines. I became convinced that this approach could be put to great use in computer games, and decided to create my own version of his engine in C++, which I could use to write games. I produced two versions of this engine, an early one using Allegro and a later rewrite using OpenGL. Below are screenshots from demos I put together.

Download: Demos 1 & 2 in Physics Engine Demos. Require an OpenGL-compatible video card.

Source: Included in the package.


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