Physical War


Overview: Physical War, also written in high school, was the first real game I wrote using my 2D physics engine. It was a side-scroller similar in style to Sopwith IV, but included tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and anti-aircraft guns, all of which were controllable by the player. It also featured allied as well as enemy AI, and large-scale (for a side-scroller) battles that played out without human intervention. The physics engine was used to handle vehicle physics (including flight dynamics), collision detection, and object destruction (including simulating large destructible buildings). The game was written alone and almost all of the graphics were original (with some help from a high school friend).

Download: Two levels are Demos 3 & 4 in Physics Engine Demos. Requires Allegro; the DLL is included.

Source: Included in the package. Beware, this one has single files with up to 7000 lines. I still hadn't quite figured out good programming style.

Physical War GUI


Overview: This was a prototype GUI for Physical War. It is interesting in that it demonstrates many of the capabilities of the physics engine in one setting. These capabilities include rigid objects (the cross bars), deformable objects, rope physics, breakable objects (the Physical War logo at the top). Click and hold in the window to interact with the objects.

Download: Demo 5 in Physics Engine Demos. Requires an OpenGL-compatible video card.

Source: Included in the package.


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